Mike Fenton is an artist and designer based in Norfolk and creates highly-detailed pencil drawings and spray-painted abstract paintings.

Abstract Pictures

In his abstract paintings Mike Fenton tends to work in acrylic on canvas or paper, and sometimes watercolour on paper.  As well as a traditional paint brush he also uses a spray painting air-brush which gives a smooth machine-like photographic look, which belies the actual improvised, ad hoc process, which undergoes many revisions and re-workings and reflects his concerns with balancing formal pictorial elements in a traditional abstract/modernist way, i.e., concerns regarding colour, tone, line and rhythm.

Figurative Pictures

Our experience of the world can seem fragmented, with reality only revealed in partial glimpses. Often we try to elucidate, or analyse aspects of our experience, but this, most often than not, ends up obscuring and confusing the bigger picture.

Mike Fenton creates drawings which are highly detailed and are often mistaken for photographs (he uses photographs he’s taken as studies to work from), but they are actually pencil drawings or paintings. Some of the pictures are masquerading as illustrations from a book, and have white space around them and a false ‘plate no.’ or ‘title’ added below, which is designed to confuse the viewer, and create an uncertainty about what they’re looking at, e.g., a photo, a drawing, a page from a book, a reproduction of a 19th century painting. This uncertainty reflects his own when faced with the landscape and his knowledge of previous art and his need to respond to it somehow. He also doesn’t believe there is any one correct way of working from reality as an artist, just different ways.

Other Projects

Mike Fenton also paints pet and people portraits – please click on aanpp.com for more details, and works with artist Annette Rolston to make beautiful, unique, hand printed  household products click on  annetterolston.com or designermakers21.co.uk for more information.